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Gotten from Grammy is brought to you by me....Shelly.  A mom of 3 with a vintage love.  It all started with my Grandmothers yellow Pyrex bowl.  That was the start of the craze.  I started thrifting and going to auctions just like I remember going with my parents.  I collected so much from the mid-century that I eventually had TOO much.  So I started the Facebook page, selling online to fellow collectors.  Next came the online store, while still going to auctions I still aquired more.  That is when I would attempt my dream of having my own store.  

That brings us to the present...  Gotten from Grammy finally has a storefront in downtown Hagerstown Maryland.  My family and I have put so much into this dream thats finally become reality.  Please stop by...if not to shop then just to talk pyrex!  

UPDATE:  We have found a bigger and better store in Waynesboro, PA.  Nice downtown location and lots of parking. 

We have new stuff coming in all the time!

Gotten From Grammy

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Thanks to my husband for putting up with my obsession and his hard work!

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